ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms where designed in Edmonton AB 15 years ago. ICF consists of EPS blocks that look like Legoand are engineered to hold 6 inches of concrete and rebar. This is a far superior method of constructing the building envelope compared to stick framing, what 99.9% of homes have been built from in North America.

As ICF has been included in the continuous insulation regulations of the Ontario Building code, when compared to stick framed homes with Spray foam insulation, it is a more cost effective form of building in not only the construction cost but the biggest draw is the energy efficiency. ICF homes are completely sealed with no thermal bridging that all stick frame homes have to fight with giving a much lower cost to heat and cool as the thermal mass of the concrete is doing some of that work for the HVAC system.

Traditionally used for below ground foundation walls, the cost of lumber and spray insulation has made it more economical to build the entire envelope of ICF to gain all the superior energy efficacies ICF provide

We have partnered with Nudura as certified installers because after 15years in ICF construction we have come to learn that Nudura has the best product and design characteristics for a better result at a better cost.

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