For over 40 years the Murray's have been building and renovating custom homes in Ontario. We are dedicated construction professionals who are skilled in our trades and achieve success through organized planning and controlled execution. We bring a high level of Knowledge and experience in modern building techniques coupled with constant education in new and emerging building technologies. From small renovations or repairs to large multi-unit residential projects, we have the experience and knowledge that will be on time, on budget and exceed expectations. We are not a sub-contracting firm; we are the designers, builders, installers and finishers for all our projects. Let us help guild you through what can be a challenging process in design, engineering, permitting, execution and completion of your home project.
Building does not have to be complicated process when you have the right people with the right knowledge that care. Our passion is to create homes and spaces that enrich the space that is our home sanctuary.
History shows us that over time there is no better investment than in your home. The appreciation in value from a new kitchen, bathroom, basement or addition is exponential and is akin to compound interest over the dine you own the home. Finding the right people to assist you and put your faith in is a really tough process, more so now than ever. We are inundated with so much social and traditional media and it can be a challenge to cut through the chaff to find the wheat.
Our approach is simple. Lets meet and chat. Sit down with me and lets talk about your needs and wants, create a path and a plan of how we can help your new/ renovation home project become a stress free success beyond your expectations.
We look forward to being your reliable home construction experts. Our passion is driven by your happiness. From my family to yours stay safe and be well.
Sincerely: Patrick Murray President

Patrick MurrayProject Manager

From a very young age I have been building and improving homes with my family. With over 35 years building and finishing residential homes and commercial spaces. My passion is designing and creating modern, inviting spaces for people to enjoy. Having so much hands on experience in all aspects of the building process allows me to have a very unique broad perspective on coordinating and executing all building needs with ease.

Scott MurraySite Supervisor

Some of my first memories are of working on building projects with my family. We were always building a new house or taking one apart to put back together and you had to learn fast and be on your toes all the time. For me that translated into taking all the skills that I gained and continued by working towards earning a degree in Real-estate marketing from Guelph University while continuing to work.

Dylan MurraySite Supervisor

As the eldest of my siblings I was introduced to the family business at very young age. The story is I learned to walk so young because I was taken to job sites and crawled around with screws and nails. I love using my skills to make peoples lives better in their home.

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